Doing Business or investing in the US. Practical opportunities (and pitfalls) for Belgian/Dutch entrepreneurs and investors

Belgium and the Netherlands are amongst the top 10 nations whose enterprises invest and do business in the United States. Also an increasing number of wealthy individuals is investing in the US in industry, banking and real estate.

With global trade, digital economy and e-commerce expanding internationally, many European firms are deciding not to sell only in Europe, but also on the large US market.

Two major changes in US legislation are currently influencing the economic and legal landscape for European firms doing business or investing in the US. The US Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created the most significant tax law changes since 1986, affecting virtually every US individual and business. Also Belgian and Dutch businesses with foreign direct investments flowing into the US may be heavily impacted. Furthermore, a Supreme Court decision which allows states to expand their right to levy sales taxes shapes the e-commerce landscape. Is it a game changer for investments in the US?

Hear from our US partner firm Aprio LLP what impact the Trump tax reform may have on your business. Yelena Epova and Kristin Maeckel will amongst others inform us about:

  • How to do business in the US as a Belgian or Dutch firm? Is it required to set-up a US branch or company?
  • How to invest in the US as a Belgian or Dutch private individual?
  • What are the effects of the Trump tax reform on your business? What about US federal and state taxes?
  • How can real estate investments be structured, and what are tax considerations to consider before investing in US real estate?
  • How does the change in sales tax legislation affect foreign sellers in the US? Which traps are to be avoided doing e-commerce in the US?

Yelena Epova is Partner-in-Charge of the International Services Group at Aprio, and works with clients doing business all over the world. Kristin Maeckel is a Partner in the International Tax Practice at Aprio and works exclusively with foreign firms doing business in the US, predominantly from Europe.

In addition, are you interested in an extra private session with our US tax colleagues on 7th or 8th May to talk about doing business or investing in the US? Please let us know so that our US desk can arrange a questions & answers session at our office.

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