Vernissage: ‘Not alone’ Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy

Their story begins in the 70s. Photographers and nature lovers, they work with several European nature magazines.

In the early 80s, they start a career as fashion and ad photographers. Drawn by new horizons, they sign a contract in 1988 with “The Image Bank” (since taken over by Getty Images) and become one of the leading photographers. At the same time, they start a career as stock-film directors, allowing them to shoot all over the world.

Their “nature” bug bites again in 2010.

Finland, Iceland, Italy and Catalonia are the places of choice, giving rise to a collection of panoramic photos measuring 1,4 meters to 5 meters long. Thanks to the methodic work of a professional guide, they shoot an entirely new genre of photos. The purpose of each image is to transmit emotions that can be experienced in the wild and transpose on paper the intensity of an animal in its biotope.

Each work is an assembly of 100 to 150 photos, which, when brought together, offer the eyes a totally new sensation via several billions of pixels. A long focal length and very wide aperture offer a unique perspective recalling that of 19th-century photography.

Past Exhibitions in Brussels, Knokke, Paris, NewYork, Saint Paul de Vence, Amsterdam, Luxemburg.


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Van Havermaet
Aanvang en tijdsduur
16u00 tot 20u00
Kasteel Ter Poorten
Diepenbekerweg 65
3500 Hasselt

Inschrijven tot 29/01/2019

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